Getting Settled

We arrived here in Honduras on October 24 after an uneventful travel day! We spent some time finding our bearings and learning our way around, as well as doing some improvements on our new home before we moved in!

Our container came out on November 1, and boy, things have not slowed down since then! Dalton, Tim, Marcia, Mark Connell, David Logue and many other volunteers unloaded our container one day and helped move it up the mountain the next day! The boys were so excited to have some of their toys back! They could hardly contain their excitement! We also got to spend our first night in our new home in our beds, which was beyond exciting! You don’t know how accustomed you are to your own bed until you spend 2 months away from it!


We have gotten to worship with the church here in Santa Ana for 2 weeks, and it has been such a blessing! Dalton preached last week and got to baptize 2 new sisters in Christ! God is already working!

We will be taking the next couple of weeks to get situated in our new home and will be gearing up ministry after the first of the year!

We want to thank you for your continued prayers! Here are a few specific prayer requests that we have at this time:

  • That the boys will continue to adjust well. Tim and Marcia leaving changed the boys reality a little bit. They are beginning to understand that this is our new home.

  • That we can get into a new routine in a new place!

  • That we all become more comfortable speaking in Spanish - specifically me!


James Hines