Less than 2 months out

Time is flying by! It's official: my two week notice was put in and my last day with AT&T is August 27th.  We have slowly been getting calls from people who want to support us and our mission to serve. We have received several donations and are very grateful for all the support that has been committed help us. Over the month of September, we plan to go to churches that we have been a part of over the years and share with the people about our mission plan to help raise support. We will be attending SonQuest in Orlando, Florida this year and are very excited to get to share a little bit about our mission efforts there as well. Raising support is definitely mentally challenging for us; it can put all kinds of bad thoughts in your head at first. After praying and seeking answers, its clear to us that we needed to focus primarily on what God has called us to do and let God take care of the rest. Taking many leaps of faith has been challenging, but it's also a game changer when you see God at work in the midst of it all. It's the best feeling to know that God always has it under control, and that we should just watch it go wherever it goes no matter the situation. We original wanted to be in Honduras by September, but we're waiting patiently. It seems God is still working on this end. We currently are aiming to leave in mid-October to fly to Honduras after we meet with churches and people over the next month.

There are so many moving parts. It's exciting to see it all unfolding as the time moves forward.  

James HinesComment