A Time of Rest

We were very fortunate to take some time at the beginning of February to enter into a time of rest. We were able to attend the Honduran Fellowship for Missionaries & Ministries Annual Retreat this past weekend. There we were given the opportunity to meet and form relationships with other missionaries here in Honduras. There were multiple workshops available for us to learn from, daily messages from visiting pastors, and counselors available to simply listen. We were also able to network and learned of many amazing resources that are available through HFMM and also through other ministries.

Our kids were given the opportunity to attend age appropriate classes in English, which they have been craving. They learned Bible stories and verses and had a great time playing with other kids who spoke English. Aiden made a really good friend that we are very excited to keep in contact with.

God showed us the importance of rest when he created the world. He worked hard creating a beautiful Earth for 6 days, but on the 7th day, he took time to rest and enjoy his creation. We should follow his example: Work hard for the kingdom, but remember to take the time to rest and enjoy our Awesome God!


James Hines